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Pest Control Vivek Vihar Delhi

Pest control Vivek Vihar could be a real headache or even cared for at the right time and in the right way. They could damage the building and its strength and on top of that, it may also damage the look of the walls and other parts of the building. So, when you yourself have witnessed any sign of termites at home, then all you’ve got to complete is to get hold of us and we will take care of your house. We understand the worthiness of your home and we will ensure that no damage is done in it.

Anti Termite Treatment for Inside Premises

The interior premises require the drill, fill and seal method of anti-termite treatment to be followed. According to the process, the interior premises is drilled with a 12mm diameter drill having a 6-inch length, the drilling is done as much as the depth of 4 to 5 inches. Then the drilled holes are full of termite control chemicals and they are sealed completely with cement. Muddy channels which are made by termite are sprayed well with the anti-termite chemical to kill the live termite within the muddy channel. From then on, these channels are removed and the tiny holes from where in fact the termites enter to the premises are fully injected with the termite control chemical, Pest Control Vivek Vihar.

Anti Termite Treatment For Outside Premises

Outside premises also needs to be treated well for protection from termites.

The outside walls of the building and columns are drilled with the drill bit having an amount of 12 inches and a size of 12 mm as much as the depth of 1 ft. If the building is stilt plus, then the medial side corners of the columns are drilled in the exact same way. From then on the holes are full of anti-termite chemicals. If the mud tubes are discovered, then those channels are treated with anti-termite chemicals and removed fully. All the staircases, passage areas and other common portions are drilled and completely full of anti-termite control chemicals. And when everything are completed, then everything is sealed with cement.

Post-Construction Termite Treatment


The post-construction treatment has enjoyed widespread popularity for the longest period of time. Perhaps its major advantage is the ease it can be put on structures, post-construction. It can also be relatively cheaper in comparison to pre-construction termite control systems, and that is why many individuals prefer to select post-construction treatment over pre-construction treatment.


Prevention is obviously a lot better than cure. If your home has been infested by termites, you almost certainly used post-construction chemical termite treatment being an immediate remedy to rid your home of the infestation.It is obviously a much better option to avoid termites from entering your home, as opposed to fighting the infestation after the termites have entered and wreaked havoc in your home. It’s been found so it pays to be more proactive as opposed to reactive in regards to termite prevention.


Whenever you enter your home you may not have the ability to see a single termite roaming around, or even a single symptom to detect their presence. But after staying for a lengthier period in the brand new house, you may see a few signs of termite infestation. Termites could be really detrimental to your property and hence it’s important to keep an eye on any sign of termite infestation. Whenever you see termite infestation signs, such as for instance mud tunnels, dust like substances nearby the wooden fixtures, holes on the furniture and etc, then immediately call a pest control supplier to have a browse around your newly constructed home. We’re having experts to do this task, and we will give you the service at an affordable cost, Pest Control Vivek Vihar.

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We’re the leading company for providing the anti-termite treatment for you personally house. If you are constructing your home or you have just completed making one, we will remove all the termites if it has already infested in your house. We’re having exerts who have years of experience in doing the exact same and lots of happy clients are enjoying our services for a long time now. Just book an appointment around and we will give you all the facts about our services and you are able to book accordingly.

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